My Happiness ... Such loud words are mentioned in the title of the musician Fatima Ezzahra’s latest album title and similarly named song containing lyrics from ancient scripture Thirukkural explaining woman’s role and duties in the family. The song "Creation of My Happiness" created and published by Black Sea Records music studio is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms to inspire you and make your life’s happier by knowing your duties!

Fatima Ezzahra is a very talented and young Moroccan musician, who released her debut album or EP "Moon and the Stars" on August 8 last year. This EP contains 15 tracks – most popular of them being "There is Enough", "Ye-e-eah", "Full of Strength", "Was There", "When Something is Though Of" and the main character in this article - ''Mmm ''. 

The young musician creates very interesting music. It's not really jazz, but neither is pop. Reminiscent of a bit of music we could listen to in the 1970s. Great music and a great voice for the young singer. It must be said that the song "Go Ahead" gives a great touch to Eurovision, because such a song could definitely participate in such a competition. 

High quality of processing and you can feel that despite the fact that this is the musician's first solo project - it is very professional and the musician has both talent and passion. Her future is really very bright. If she is able to play her cards correctly, she will definitely have the top music charts, big stages and a very bright future in the music industry. Such music has become a rarity nowadays ... The length of the song is also atypical - a little over four minutes. Music is definitely the heart of this musician! 

We offer to listen to the musician Fatima Ezzahra’s song "Full of Strength". We also invite the biggest enthusiasts to follow the musician's social network profiles. This way you will be able to support the new talent and find out about his progress and upcoming song releases faster and easier. Instead of a reference, we have added a link that will take you to the musician's social profiles. Safe - go and follow hes profiles. Let's support the new star together! 

The song "Full of Strength" was produced by Martins Ate at Black Sea Records, thus the co-authors of the song in terms of accompaniment. The rest of his work is also very easy to find on the Internet and on all major music streaming platforms.