Dreaming of a melody but can't find the right track? Our Custom Backing Tracks Creation is your solution. Order your unique track, and choose from a spectrum of five tailor-made options. Send your vocals, and let us integrate them seamlessly for a song that resonates with your spirit.

From rough to radiant, our Online Mixing and Mastering service is designed for artists who demand perfection. Share your raw tracks and watch as our experts refine, mix, and master, delivering an audio experience that stands out.

Learning knows no boundaries. Whether you're looking to hone your music production skills, play an instrument, or refine your vocals, our Virtual Music Lessons & Consultations bring the expertise right to your screen.

Every track deserves an audience. With our tailored Music Promotion & Marketing, we spotlight your music on major platforms, ensuring it gets heard, loved, and shared. From playlist placements to targeted campaigns, we've got you covered.

Navigating the world of music distribution can be daunting. Let Black Sea Records be your compass. We'll manage your music's distribution, ensuring it reaches the right platforms and audiences, all while offering exclusive additional services that set you apart.

Elevate your music with visuals that match your artistry. Our AI-Powered Video Creation blends cutting-edge technology with creativity, crafting captivating music videos or promotional visuals that amplify your message.

First impressions matter. Our Cover Art & Album Design captures the essence of your music visually, creating arresting designs that listeners remember and associate with your sound.

A strong digital presence is crucial in today's music world. With our Custom Channel Creation, we'll design and set up your artist platforms, ensuring a cohesive and engaging online image that fans will love.

Let your brand be worn and adored. From trendy tees to memorable mugs, our Merchandise Design & E-Store Setup crafts merchandise that fans will love, backed by a seamless online shopping experience.

Go live with confidence. Our Remote Live Session Production offers comprehensive assistance in setting up, managing, and producing live sessions or streaming events, ensuring flawless performances every time.

Music is a universal language. Our Collaboration Facilitation connects you with potential collaborators and featured artists, opening doors to new musical horizons.

Order a report and unlock deeper insights into your music with our AI-Driven Music Analysis. Understand genre fit, receive feedback, and discover improvements. It's like having a personal music consultant, powered by artificial intelligence.

Songwriting can be a journey. Walk with us. Our Songwriting Assistance provides collaborative sessions, insights, and feedback, guiding you from the first note to the final chorus.

Let your voice shine at its absolute best. Our Vocal Tuning and Enhancement ensures every note you hit is pitch-perfect and polished, making listeners hang onto every word.