Every artist has a unique sound echoing in their mind, waiting to be unleashed. If you've been searching for that perfect track to complement your vocals but keep hitting a wall, you've just found your gateway.

Why Choose Black Sea Records for Custom Backing Tracks?

🎹 Crafted with Passion: Our team doesn't just create tracks; we craft musical experiences tailored to amplify your unique voice.

🔥 Five Flavors to Choose From: Once you share your vision, we'll design a spectrum of five distinct tracks. Dive in, explore, and pick the one that speaks to your soul.

🎤 Vocal Integration: Send us your raw vocals, and watch them blend effortlessly with our backing track, resulting in a harmonious masterpiece.

📈 Industry Standards: Our tracks aren’t just catchy; they are produced to industry standards, ensuring your music competes at the highest level.

🔄 Iterative Process: Your satisfaction is paramount. We tweak and refine until your track sounds just right.

How It Works:
Share Your Vision:
Describe your desired mood, genre, instruments, and any inspirations.

Receive Options:
Our team will get to work and deliver five custom tracks crafted around your vision.

Send Your Vocals and order Mixing & Mastering:
Once you've chosen your preferred track, send over your vocals.

Final Touches:
We'll merge your vocals with the track, ensuring a seamless blend that resonates with listeners. We also can publish your song, create a video for it and promote it on all social media!