How did you come up with this project?
It's just a when I heard for a first time female voice in reggae - it's like opportunity for her voice to float across the harmonies in all possible ways - that feeling of exploration personality of an artist through voice - that engaged me in producing first songs that later would become this project with Fatima Ezzahra from Morocco. 
To make it more pleasant and listenable for female reggae fans I decided to work with random female reggae artists to keep the mood of variety and random emotions passed via different performances. My second artist btw I started to work more seriously was eLouise from Jamaica.

And at the end it all sounded so "Milky and Juicy" that there was no way to step back but just to continue creating these truly incredible songs that are not just reggae songs but fully packed with wisdom mindsets for happy and healthy life.

What is the message you wish to pass to people via this project?
Happiness. But in general the main message of a whole Black Sea Records Ltd. projects remains Love, Divinity and Unity. By Love meaning the highest Love possibly - Love of God, by Divinity meaning the never ending striving for that Highest Divine Truth and by Unity meaning elevating our consciousness to that level where true Unity with God is possible.
SO the lyrics for these songs are all taken from ancient scriptures like Bible, Kabbalah, Vedas, Torah, Koran, Sufi poetry and other consciousness uplifting literature good on anyone's path towards the Greatest, the One.
These songs are meant to work on a background of our consciousness and help making more righteous doings and decisions in our life and the music in general gives that knowledge and positive vibe to be happy. 

How do you produce your songs, what is involved in the process?
I have like a studio where I make all reggae songs on my own, then some girls come over to sing, with some I work only online, then I send the song with lyrics to the girl, I get back her vocals and after that it's just mixing and mastering, adding some more effects. It's rare when I change a whole song during this process but sometimes it happens, too. 
For the songs I truly enjoyed I make video's then, and adding them to a whole marketing system at - that's like my own social marketing platform I built to promote my own content online where anything that's posted there goes shared daily across random social networks so generating almost free traffic. Very useful tool also for any other marketing campaigns btw. Recently I started using it for promotion of affiliate programs, too. Works as well as on music.

What is the most interesting part on creating this project?
Working with singers. Working with Ganja Gyals!  Haha (Laughs). Actually I doubt they even smoke ganja. I think most of the girls I work with are actually not-smoking "GanjaGyals" but sure they all are "Milky & Juicy". I enjoy their voices, communication with them - the whole process is very pleasant.
Interesting is always the end result. Up until the mastering. Everything can change a sound and effects a bit by bit. So a whole process is very interesting.  
I love that some girls truly enjoying the things they have to sing and actually turns more attention on to meaning of lyrics. I like to watch that something like "intelligence growth" in some singers who goes beyond just singing part and takes deeper look on a meaning of songs by going beyond them.

How many girls are currently already participating in your crazy reggae project and how do you find them?
That's an interesting question you got. I think currently Im working with about 35 girls but the number is constantly growing. So currentlyI have worked with:  Ghada Yaich      eLouise     Molarah     Fatima Ezzahra     Chelsea Muller     Jo Elle     Valentina Iela     Veronika Lebetskaya     Music Melodiz     Glow Ria      Sunheart     Kadiji     Mila.Akilah     Queen Kara     Ninti Ate     Just The Queen     MelodicMimi      Radiant Monique      Wilmary Music     Jo Elle     Moonshine     Afrodija     Stayre     Gianna Juliet     Yahesa Guav     Valerie Nuqui      Queen Izyunda      Savirapp       Flavia       Selli      $istah Hi~ProsE   and   Queen Nyas

What is the message you wish to pass to your listeners?
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